The Barnes Collection: Ongoing

These are conceptual pieces in a collection of works.

The works in this collection have all been created with found objects and photographed. Some of the works have been composed and arranged. Other pieces have been found, appropriated, and given a title. Some are displayed in their original state. Others are large C-prints.

*WARNING: Some works include graphic nudity.

Leisure Club

This latest project, in partnership with the artist Jared Gibbons, is a 1,500 sq ft installation inside a beautifully lit office space within a 19th Century manufacturing building. Leisure Club is about the art of hanging out. The items in the space are an overwhelming collection of well curated Midwestern Americana. Among the collection of images and objects are vending machines and coolers with American beer, bowls full of cheese balls, the scents of leather and coffee, accompanied by the sounds of Country Music’s greatest hits from the 60’s and 70’s.