Each one of these arrangements of text from magazines and newspapers is intended to elicit a sentiment related to politics, love, and the burdens of life. I see these as overheard monologues. As if the viewer is eavesdropping on someone sharing their thoughts on a particular subject.

Invisible Touch, yeah

Like abstract expressionism, but with hand cut images. These dreamlike, intentional works are extremely calculated in composition, image selection, and color formulae. They are meant to be viewed from afar and up close.


Willingly or unintentionally, people identify themselves through their collections of objects. Items in a person’s life are context clues to how they wish to project their perception of themselves onto others, how they see themselves and how they want to be perceived. These works are portraits of Midwestern American people.

Fancy Coupons

The intent of this body is to create brief, physical thoughts. Totally random with no continuity, some vapid in meaning, others rich in context, and others deep in absurdity. There are over 800 in the collection.