Invisible touch, yeah

I like to imagine these works as hyper-realist-abstract-expressionist paintings. They are extremely calculated in composition, image selection, and color formulae. Every image was precisely cut by hand and arranged to connect the gestures of the forms.



I am interested in how people identify themselves through their collections of objects. Either willingly or unintentionally. The items in a person’s life can tell you a lot about who they are. I am also interested in the domain of the imagination and how people formulate ideas based on sets of data. These works are intended to be amalgams. Character studies of made-up Midwesterners. This work was done by hand. Each of the items were scissor cut, composed on card stock, and adhered.


Fancy Coupons

In 2009 I began obsessively creating 4x4 inch collages on painted wood (Over 800 total). The intent was to create brief, physical thoughts. I was very interested in the limitations of Twitter and condensing thoughts down into small, quickly consumable morsels. These images are similar to a Twitter feed. They are totally random with no continuity, some vapid in meaning, others rich in context, and others deep in absurdity.