Matthew Richard Barnes

Matthew Richard Barnes is a conceptual artist primarily working with found objects and collage, while separately practicing drawing and photography. His art is predicated on ideas of identity, originality, and temporality. His approach to art is a response to contemporary culture and his environment, both materialistically and ideologically. His art works, which he refers to as ‘paintings’ result from a rigorous discovery and curatorial process of images and materials. Inspired by collection shows, MRB’s work is shown like an institutional exhibition with works that are both visually engaging and physically inviting. Barnes states, “I work with found materials, paying very close attention to aesthetic details, but am more interested in the immersion of ideas brought on by the work as a collection. I wish to draw viewers in with subtlety, to assist them from inquiry to investigation with well thought out composition, shape relationships, and color formulae.” By embracing found materials for the qualities of individuality, beauty and decay while contrasting the display of worn textures against the crisp walls of galleries and museums, Barnes invites viewers to contemplate a shared collective identity, the lines of originality, and the fleetingness of time.