Fine Artist & Photographer


Matthew Richard Barnes

Matthew Richard Barnes is a fine artist and photographer. With a deep history rooted in image making, Matthew spends his time creating visual relics giving primary attention to composition, form, color, light and timing.  Matthew has created numerous experiential portfolios from his travels and wanderings. "My favorite thing in life is to travel to a place I've never been before, wake up early, coffee up, and hit the streets with my shoes tied tight and my camera around my neck. My other favorite thing in life is to hunker down in my studio experimenting with different materials, creating items for others to experience and ponder. I guess you might call me an ambivert." 

Matthew set out an early age to make pictures that inspire thought and incite emotion. His intent is to draw viewers in with subtlety and nuance that require a deeper gazing than average works of art. Matthew is a dedicated father of two boys, a practicing fine artist, a volunteer and community advocate for youth experiencing homelessness, a talented chef, coffee enthusiast, and development consultant for international brands. 

Matthew currently resides in Downtown Columbus, Ohio with a BFA in Photography from Ohio State. With a serious affinity for wandering and pondering, Matthew enjoys being a destination explorer, meeting new and interesting characters, and navigating the world like a hunter for moments of grand serenity and organized irony.