Matthew Richard Barnes

I am an artist from the American Midwest.

Having grown up in several cities around the United States, I became an astute observer of my environment and a fascinated consumer of creative expression. While I enjoy all forms of creativity, I am drawn to capturing unordinary images of my life through photography, drawing visually misrepresentational portraits, cutting out images from old magazines and precisely arranging them, and assembling collections of objects and images from thrift stores. My work is meant for those who enjoy the act of gazing. I aspire to draw viewers in with subtlety, to assist them from inquiry to investigation with well thought out composition, shape relationships, and color formulae.

I currently reside in Columbus, Ohio in an attempt to immerse myself within a microcosm of American culture. I want to see from the central perspective of our collective culture, respond to it through the creation of original works, and present it to the world as a representative of the American Midwest.

My days are filled with long periods in my studio experimenting with different materials, creating idyllic objects for others to experience, exploring unfamiliar environments, engaging in sports culture through participation and attendance of various events, and collecting objects and images through auctions, digital platforms, thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales.